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one-hundred-forty-two-word story

He rifled through the rack. Some of the items were plain. Others were hideous. None came close to what he was searching for.

He left the store and continued along. It was a hunch that brought him to the mall, the mall that triggered a memory, and yet another hunch that brought him from store, to store, to rack, to store.

His hunch now told him it would be this next store or none at all. He meandered around the racks and displays, astonished at how much fashion changes. Eventually he came to a standstill, marvelling at the sales associates’ timely disappearances.

A flash of colour caught his eye. He picked up the garment. The style wasn’t quite right. And of course, it didn’t have that smell–her smell. But the colour was an exact match. He held the sweater and smiled.

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