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one-hundred-forty-three-word story

“Thanks for bringing Charmagne,” said Sandra. “Kyle has been so bored. And I’m just happy to have an excuse to turn off the news.”

Charmagne ran off to join Kyle.

“It’s so terrible,” replied Odette. “Who’d want to be there?”

“I’m happy to be far away from downtown. Tea?”

“Hey kids, settle down in there,” Odette called out as she nodded to Sandra.

Sandra put the kettle on. The children could be heard squealing and making a commotion.

“What on Earth are they doing?”, she asked.

They poked their heads into the living room.

“I’m a police!”, Charmagne yelled. “Wheee-ooooo, wheee-ooooo!”

“Run! Everything’s on fire!”, Kyle yelled as he smashed toys together.

The children imitated flames with wiggling fingers.

“Mommy, do you want to be a protestor or a police?”

“Hey, let’s play a different game,” Sandra said as she grabbed a toy.

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