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one-hundred-forty-six-word story

Pierre typed into the chat window.

r u there?
u gotta see this

He pasted a YouTube link. Minutes later, Francis typed his response.

yo. that’s messed up.

Pierre sent a link to a video depicting protesters singing followed by riot police pounding on their shields and seizing seated protesters. Francis kicked his desk.

complete BS.
wait. did you see this?

Francis sent another link, this one depicting people smashing storefront windows and cheering as a police car burned. Pierre responded minutes later.

wtf?! maybe protesters deserved it

They continued for an hour, watching videos and getting angrier. Alyssa walked into Pierre’s room.

“G20 videos?”, she asked.

“Yeah,” he snapped. “Aren’t you pissed?”



“If you want to stay angry, I’ll send you more links. If you want to discuss what we can do, come find me.”

She walked away. He clicked on another link.

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