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one-hundred-forty-seven-word story

“Bach, Mozart, and Wagner,” said Roland.

“Excuse me?”, said Malcolm, seeming a little incredulous.

“Bach, Mozart, and–”

“There! You did it again!”

Malcolm stood up and began pacing around the restaurant table.

“What on Earth are you talking about?”, Roland asked.

“Well, setting aside your pedestrian musical taste…”

Roland rolled his eyes dramatically as Malcolm went on in a haughty tone.

“…I’m quite distressed to hear your invocation of the Oxford comma,” Malcolm continued.

“Comma?”, Roland asked.

“Yes. I do hope that you can yet be saved from your untutored generation’s thriftless treatment of punctuation and time.”

Roland scratched his head.

“Please try, ‘Bach, Mozart and Wagner,’” Malcolm explained.

“That’s what I said. Bach, Mozart,–”

“Comma!”, Malcolm exclaimed and threw down his napkin.


“Do try again.”

“Bach, Mozart, and Wagner,” said Roland.

“Bach, Mozart and Wagner,” said Malcolm, shaking his head.

“You’re mad!”

“Try again, please.”

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  • Alexis says:

    Brilliant. Hysterically funny. I love it and have shared it with several grammar geek friends.

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