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one-hundred-forty-four-word story

“Slow down,” said Gabe. “Don’t look like you’re in a hurry.”

“What?”, Otto quizzed.

“Up ahead. Checkpoint.”

“So what? We bought beer. Big deal.”

“Just slow down.”

Otto shoved his hands into his pockets.


Gabe clasped his hands in front and they continued silence.

“We need to ask you a few questions,” boomed one officer. “Your bags need to be searched.”

Two more officers stepped in and grabbed their bags.

“Where are you going?”, the first officer asked.

“We’re going home,” Gabe began. “We live around Church and–”

“We’re going home,” Otto interrupted impatiently. “That’s it.”

“Where did you come from?”, the officer continued.

“Why? What’s going on?,” Otto protested.

One officer held out a beer bottle.

“This is a potential weapon,” he said.

“We’re going to have to detain you.”

Gabe and Otto glared at each other angrily.

“I suggest you co-operate.”

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