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one-hundred-forty-five-word story

Heidi sped down the nearly deserted street on her bicycle. The ominous security fence, a few blocks away, still seemed imposing. She spotted the newly installed CCTV cameras and shuddered. A police officer motioned for her to stop. He said they needed to do a security check. As one officer searched her backpack, another asked, “Where are you going and why?”

“I have a right to be here,” Heidi replied.

Elsewhere, two people with loose, black clothing and with concealed faces rushed at a storefront window and hurled paving stones. Some protesters rebuked them loudly, a few tried to restrain them, while others cheered them on or laughed. Shui moved in close with his camera when another person in black garb pushed him back and yelled, “Go away! No video, no pictures!”

Shui approached again and shouted back, “I have a right to be here!”

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