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one-hundred-forty-eight-word story

“You’re dreaming,” a voice said.

Anton felt the eyes of forest creatures on him, yet he knew the wizened voice had come from above. He stared at the lonely Moon hovering in the sky.

“Why am I here?”, Anton asked aloud.

“For the same reason that always brings you here,” said a deer that had moved beside him. “You have a lot on your mind.”

As he turned, he was transported to the Mediterranean beach depicted in a postcard his daughter had sent. Anton wanted to visit, but project delays would keep him tethered home until the end of the year. Besides, his wife was recalled to Budapest for work, and he wouldn’t go without her. The house seemed so quiet lately.

A seagull landed at his feet.

“Shall we begin?”, it asked.

“Will I remember this?”

“As always, you’ll remember enough.”

Anton nodded and was transported again.

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