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one-hundred-fifty-word story

Bronwyn slid the list towards Isaak.

“I can’t think of anyone else,” she told him.

“Me neither,” he replied.

“You won the coin toss. Go first.”

Isaak ran his finger down the list, stopped at a name, and crossed it off.

“Jonathan,” he said, and then put his own initials beside the name.

“Anjali,” she said while crossing the name off and initialling.



Bronwyn eyed Isaak suspiciously.

“Beach volleyball.”

“Hrmph,” she huffed. “I guess I’ll take Alexei.”

“He’s my fishing buddy,” Isaak protested.

“And he’s the only other lawyer. I’ll trade him for Eva.”

Isaak nodded grudgingly. Bronwyn gave herself a self-satisfied grin and adjusted the list.

“Ollie,” Isaak continued.




Isaak paused and then crossed off “Jessica” from the list.

“Why Jessica?”, Bronwyn snapped.

“No reason.”

“Are you sleeping with her?”

“Let’s just finish this. We still have to divide the house contents.”

“That bitch.”

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