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one-hundred-fifty-six-word story

“We need to talk about these,” Janice said, clutching a stack of notice letters.

Emil’s face went sour and he snorted, muttering something before turning away. He searched around the sofa cushions for the remote control.

“Turn off the TV, will ya?”, he barked as he ran his hand underneath the sofa.

“It is off. Listen, stop avoiding–”

“Or the radio. Whatever. There’s something buzzing.”

Emil rocked forward, up, and off the couch. He stretched his left ear forward and shuffled around the room awkwardly.

“Emil!”, she shrieked, flailing the letters to get his attention. “We have to meet with the bank or we’ll lose the house!”

“Shh! I have to shut off that buzzing! I can’t… think…”

Janice marched up to Emil and stared him directly in the face. She got ready to burst out, but the look of his eyes replaced her frustration with fear. And sorrow.

“I can’t do anything with that noise…

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