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one-hundred-fifty-eight-word story


The noise roused Mindy from her sleep into a half-waking state. She had been dreaming of lush green fields and ponies. She wanted to be carried back to the pastures, but the intermittent tapping of keys in the next room had started to occupy her conscious mind.

“Rrrolghugh… Brrraaaah!”

She forced her left eye open but squeezed it shut almost immediately. The light slipping through the door crack was brighter than she could tolerate, and now she was certainly awake. She was sure she had been dreaming about something pleasant just moments ago.

Mindy pushed the door open and staggered a few steps into the room.

“You’re not making any sense,” she murmured. “Go to sleep.”

Alvin stopped typing and tried to focus on what she said. Mindy had already stumbled her way back to green pastures when he nodded in agreement, finally making his way to bed.

“Aaarrrgh!”, the zombie shrieked again from outside the house.

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